MEGATREND Background

MEGATREND INVEST is a well-consolidated provider of capital between investors looking for alternative investments and sustainable start-ups and growth companies seeking capital. Through risk diversification, we provide a high return of investment for our investors.

MEGATREND INVEST has several experienced investment advisors who provide information about the projects to potential investors. They all have extensive knowledge of the world of investment. MEGATREND INVEST has also been authorized to manage alternative investment funds according to The PRIIP Regulation and is therefore covered by the FAIF-act.

We expect companies to conduct a responsible and sustainable business based on 9 leading worldwide megatrends. This will benefit companies, investors and the society and contribute to an investment in the future focused on sustainable products and solutions.

In MEGATREND INVEST we focus on sustainable development goals 8,9 and 10 and strive to include an impact case in each of our MTI companies. We define impact investments as investments that have the purpose of making a difference for, particularly vulnerable groups.


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