Alternative investments

MEGATREND INVEST deals with alternative investments. We invest in sustainable Danish entrepreneur and growth companies in 9 megatrends and ensure favourable returns through risk diversification. For professionals and semi-professionals with a minimum investment of 100.000 €.

How do we work?

At MEGA, we work with alternative investments, and we emphasize risk diversification, transparency and simplicity. We invest in sustainable entrepreneurial trend businesses, because this is where we see the most beneficial investments. MEGATREND INVEST is investing in a sustainable future.

At MEGA, creating a high and stable return on your investment is important to our business. We provide ongoing information and updates on the alternative investment, and we communicate in a clear and simple way to provide status and momentum of the invested capital

In connection with the investment, we follow a fixed procedure. This is how we work:

This is how we work:


We bring investors together

(minimum investment per investor is EUR 100.000)

We collect investment commitments

The funds are called

Investment company is established

We select companies

Negotiation and conclusion of investment agreement


Information Portal

Access to a GDPR Secured Portal with ongoing information on investment case development and general investment information. A personal advisor is available.

Monthly reporting

Brief monthly reporting on the development of investment cases.

Quarterly reporting

In-depth quarterly reporting on investment cases.

Annual Investor Day

Opportunity to participate as an active investor.

Status meetings

Annual status meeting with you as an investor.

Board meetings

Participation in board meetings of each of the individual investment cases as agreed and as desired.


Ongoing returns

Ongoing returns to the investor after the third financial year based on liquidity

Expanding the investment

If possible, an expansion of the investment will be presented. Voluntarily.

Withdrawal of Investment

Withdrawal of the investment can take place at any time, according to rules for remuneration and assistance in finding a new investor.

Exit and sales

Expected from 3-7 years and at the latest by year 8 when the company is expected to be sold.


7 reasons to invest with us

  • ROI above average
  • MEGA handles the whole process from a to z
  • MEGA is always co-investor
  • Risk diversification by investing in several companies
  • Transparency and regular status/information
  • No additional payments besides the investment
  • No joint liability


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Practical information about exit and sales

MEGATREND INVEST provides information about product, agreement, history and future expectations for investment cases being negotiated and sold and finds investors for each of the investment case. MEGATREND INVEST also arranges agreements, trading notes, payment, registration of ownership change and reporting to banks for the calculation of final investment result and liquidation / selling of shares.


Investing with MEGATREND INVEST entails a risk due to many unknown factors. The investor should therefore be aware that there is a risk involved in the investment and that the risk must be considered high. The return may be higher than expected but may also be less than initially assumed. Development rates in investment cases can be slower. The contribution margin may be reduced and the demand for the product or service may decrease. Therefore, we always recommend that the investor contacts an independent advisor before investing.

The investment also entails significant risk mitigations:

  • Investor risk is limited to invested amount.
  • “Filtering” of investment cases by both external partners and MEGATREND INVEST.
  • Investing in trends that are expected to be interesting.
  • Follow-up on investments via monthly reporting and board participation.

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Alternative investments – our cases

Investing in a sustainable future

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    Investing in a sustainable future

    MEGATREND INVEST deals with alternative investments. We invest in sustainable Danish entrepreneur and growth companies in 9 megatrends and ensure favourable returns through risk diversification.

    What are the benefits?

    • Transparency and information during the investment process
    • Diversification of investment risk
    • Favourable returns and possible tax advantages
    • Time-savings and overview
    • Responsible and sustainable focus
    • Clear exit strategy Influence on final choice of investment cases
    • Active or passive participation as an investor Possibility to participate in management boards

    MEGATREND INVEST provides capital between investors looking for alternative investments and
    sustainable start-ups and growth companies seeking capital. Through risk diversification, we provide a
    high ROI for investors.We expect the start-ups to conduct a responsible and sustainable business based on 9 leading
    megatrends. This will benefit companies, investors and the society and contribute to a future
    investment based on sustainable products and solutions.

    More about trends

    In MEGA we focus on sustainable development goals 8,9 and 10 and strive to include as many impact
    cases as possible. We define impact investments as investments that have the purpose of making a
    difference for particularly vulnerable groups.

    More about sustainability

    MEGATREND INVEST has several experienced investment advisors who provide information about the
    projects to potential investors. They all have the Red Certification required by The Financial Supervisory
    Authority when issuing unlisted shares.

    How does MEGATREND INVEST work?

    Each investment project will usually cover several investors and investment cases but we also work with
    single investors or single investment cases. See example below:

    What are asset classes?

    And why is it important to know?

    Søren, Chief Sales Officer & Senior Investment Advisor at MEGATREND INVEST, guides you through different asset classes and what to consider when putting together an investment portfolio.

    Our partners.