Refillable plastic sack providing 1 gallon of clean water in 4 hours based on sun heating. Unique and cheap household water treatment solution offering safe and affordable drinking water for millions of people in poor parts of the world with no access to clean water.


2.1 billion people have no access to clean drinking water. This has a huge impact leading to 500.000 deaths per year. Often drinking water is not being cleaned at all. In other cases, clean water is obtained by heating, using wood for fire or charcoal. This impacts the environment by an emission of 400.000.000 tons of CO2 per year and the harvesting of forests with a cut of 2 billion trees. An estimated 1.2 billion people are not boiling their water and 0.9 billion people are boiling water using wood or coal. Furthermore, another 70 million people live as refugees and have an urgent need for water through International Aid Agencies.


4LifeSolutions offers a clean water solution at an affordable price of 5 euro for the upstart. Each sack is priced at 2,5 euro and a family will need 2 sacks – one being heated in the sun while another is in use. The solution is a unique reusable plastic container which can kill bacteria and viruses by placing the sack in the sun for heating for 4 hours. The result is clean water equivalent to boiling water for 10 minutes. One single sack can be reused up to 600 times and contains clean and safe drinking water for 4 persons for one year corresponding to 634 gallons in total. The solution is simple and will have a huge impact on health and provide a climate impact of up to 600 times less CO2. The SolarSack can be made of recycled or bioplastics and at the end of life, it is collected against a fee and recycled. Furthermore, International Aid Agencies will be able to offer an efficient and highly needed solution for refugees.

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