Offers a complete medical tracking system solution enabling hospitals to track all surgical instruments using an RFID tag. Advanced software combined with a scanner enables bulk counting of instruments and monitoring of need for maintenance and/or replacement based on instrument usage.


Hospitals lack a solution for registration and control of surgical instrument and usage monitoring to be able to track need for maintenance/replacement. There is no usage history available for surgical instruments today which impacts safety because you cannot track instrument needs for maintenance/replacement. Preparation of instruments for surgery needs to be done by qualified medical staff. It is costly and may ultimately contribute to raising healthcare expenses and lead to time pressure and delayed operations. All hospitals with operation facilities, especially and urgently in Europe and USA, but soon including Japan, need to register and track all their medical devices by 2021 due to new legislation.


Caretag offers a complete solution with an RFID tag fixed to each instrument by a patented robot
enabling instruments to go through sterilization process several hundred times. The solution is a
complete setup with RFID readers, software- and scanner equipment. This allows hospitals to meet
future legislation, register, and trace all instruments, ensure right instruments packed for each operation, preventing delay and cancellation of operations. Furthermore, they will be able to
monitor instrument maintenance and replacement and to save significant time in preparing for operations. Traceability and documentation will help hospitals avoid lawsuit claims in case of surgical errors.

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