Hey Planet.

Wants to produce a sustainable food alternative based on insects and thereby ensure a reduction of CO2 emission. They are currently producing delicious snacks, protein bars and knackers and plan to start the production of insect-based flour and meat alternatives.


With the world population growth, we face a scarcity of food supply to cover the needs in the future. Food and water resources as well as emission of CO2 play a vital role in the attempt to create a more sustainable world. An innovation of the food culture is needed, but it requires a selection of nutritious and delicious products available in the market to convince people to change habits. 


Insects are a nutritious and sustainable food named the “food of the future” by the United Nations. CO2 and water emission/usage based on production of 1 lb of beef is 1425lb/4094US gl and only 0.03oz/1US gl for 1 lb of insects. A nutritious and delicious alternative to meat will therefore have a huge sustainable impact.

Hey Planet’s solution is a sustainable food alternative with a large business potential in a market expected to grow in a near future

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