A SaaS company that develops industry-specific apps that simplify time-consuming manual processes and ensure that internal auditing and reporting become easier and more accurate.

IOspect’s main product is the DomuSpect app, which helps private landlords and property managers make the move view digital. All documents, pictures, and notes are gathered in one place, clear, documented, and paperless.


In Denmark, there are legal requirements for both occupancy and eviction reports for landlords. There are many manual workflows associated with preparing these reports, and it is therefore cumbersome and time-consuming. Notes, pictures, floor plans, and various other documents are usually included, and it can be challenging to get a general overview. Therefore, it often affects the quality of the reports, and the landlord and tenant spend a very long time on this manual process. In the event of error or doubt, a dispute may arise regarding the agreement’s possible deficiencies or precise content. Since it is done manually, there is also a large consumption of paper, which is not in line with the general desire to save resources.


IOspect has developed the DomuSpect app, targeted at real estate agents and landlords for digital relocation. The app is used in connection with moving in and moving out, where a statutory moving inspection must be performed. It guides the landlord through an easy and logical checklist with the option to insert pictures, notes, floor plans, and documents, so everything is gathered in one place and can be signed directly on iOS and Android devices. The DomuSpect app helps increase the quality of the report. There are fewer errors and omissions, and both time and money can be saved on the work process. All you need is a tablet / iPad or a smartphone with the app installed. It is simple to use, and based on a subscription scheme.

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