Sanner Ventures has joined Biograil Investor Syndicate

Biograil is a Copenhagen based biotechnology company that is transforming the market of injections into a market of oral delivery. They are developing an oral device for the delivery of biologics that would typically be injected.

Biograil’s BIONDD technology improves the absorption and effectiveness of well-known biological pharmaceuticals through an oral capsule -avoiding painful injections and reducing production costs. The capsule embeds itself in the intestine wall and gently and efficiently releases the active compounds.

Sanner Ventures has now joined the Investor Syndicate, which includes MEGATREND INVEST A/S as well as seed investor High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF).

Sanner Ventures, parent company of the Sanner Group and a single-family office specializing in new technologies in the area of health and well-being, supports Biograil with an equity investment. The Sanner Group is a world-leading manufacturer of moisture protective plastic packaging systems for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries. Besides the investment of Sanner Ventures in Biograil, the Sanner Group provides strong insight in cost-effective upscaling of injection molding for commercialization, the technology Biograil uses to manufacture its oral devices. The Sanner Group also has a strong network for packaging supply to a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical companies, which could provide additional strategic value to Biograil.

Biograil CEO Karsten Lindhardt said: “It is great that we continue to be able to attract experienced investors like Sanner Ventures to our Investor Syndicate and we are happy that the investors can add more than financial support to the Biograil business.

MEGATREND INVEST warmly welcomes Sanner Ventures. They have vast experience in areas that Biograil will need in the future and can potentially provide more than just investment.

How does it work?

Karsten Lindhardt: Biograil in Short

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