Alternative investments

Today, the world population grows 1.05% per year – that’s more than 80 million new people! In the near future, most of them are going to live in urban areas. That affects how our economies and businesses work, but also the way we live. We will have to be creative to sustain the increased pressure on cities. 3D mobility – underground transport and parking and high-rise building – will be increasingly important.

Urbanization is one of the most dominating megatrends in the world today. Half of the world population already lives in urban areas and in 2050 the percentage is expected to be 75%. We see this trend develop everywhere but mostly in Asia, Africa and Latin America. This change towards urban population will change the way we live in many ways. We already see it in the way we build (high-rise buildings) and the usage of technology in smart cities to connect and optimize infrastructure.