BIONDD technology from Biograil improves the absorption and effectiveness of well-known biological pharmaceuticals through an oral capsule -avoiding painful injections and reducing production costs. The capsule embeds itself in the intestine wall and gently and efficiently releases the active compounds.


The development of biological pharmaceuticals is growing fast and this has improved the opportunity to treat many serious and widespread diseases. But this type of medication is difficult for the body to absorb. Therefore, to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to dose much larger amounts of the active substance than is being absorbed by the body. The cost of producing medicine is high and this obviously affects the price. Better utilization of the medicine will therefore mean less wastage and must also be expected to have a positive impact on the price. The alternative may be the use of cumbersome injections, but studies show that over 80% of patients clearly prefer tablets.


Biograil has developed a simple technology consisting of a capsule that opens in the intestine and releases a small hook (of biodegradable PLA) containing the active substances. With the help of the optimized form of the spike and the muscle contraction (peristalsis), it briefly attaches itself to the intestinal wall and releases the active substances that advance into the bloodstream. The contents of the capsule are soluble and are excreted naturally. It gives the same high power as using injections, while avoiding the disadvantages. It can furthermore reduce the high costs and waste of resources in the production of medicine.

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