What challenges do startups aim to solve?

Society as a driver for change.

The issues that take up society’s interest most is naturally often depicted in startups. Fortunately, we’ve seen an increased interest in alternative investment, specifically sustainable investment, in recent times. The focus on SDG’s is a clear sign of this. At MEGATREND INVEST, we hope this trend will develop into investment in startups as well. This could give people even more influence to shape the (hopefully sustainable) future they want.

Rainmaking.io has made an excellent overview of which SDG’s startups focus on. They have mapped over 2000 startups from across the world in an interactive compass. All the companies address challenges in at least one sustainable development goal (SDG) and are represented as a dot on the compass. The compass offers a unique insight into which challenges and SDG’s the startups choose to solve, in an easily viewable way.

Climate change is a clear inspiration for startups.

SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy – has the highest number of startups with 26% or 562 startups. It’s clear that this issue has a societal will to be solved. Climate change and renewable energy have gotten a renewed focus over the last years, and this is clearly reflected in the number of startups that focus on SDG7. This is further underlined by SDG13 (Climate Action), taking first place in the highest average funding per startup (£90,55M). As sustainability is one of our nine megatrends, we are happy to see work being put into making better, cleaner, and more affordable energy sources. It’s essential for all of our futures.
The most active startup region is the Nordics, with 719 startups, and we think that’s great!

Investment in startups with a sustainable focus.

MEGATREND INVEST makes it accessible to invest in startups. Through our focus on nine megatrends, we offer an alternative and sustainable investment. There is no need to become your own angel investor when you can let us do the hard work.

View the SDG compass here.