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Healthcare 2.0 – An Infographic

Healthcare 2.0

The future of healthcare covers several megatrends. We focus on the individual through a gathering of big data and incorporation of this through AI into personalized IoT products that will facilitate better preventive care measures. We focus on our health more than ever before and we measure and weigh our progress and results. We want healthy food and are selective, critical and interested in alternative food and spend time on preparation and sharing the results of our efforts. We also want personalized medication and treatment. The healthcare megatrend is seen everywhere and is widespread among the increasing group of seniors who want to have an active and meaningful life.

Urbanization – A Global Megatrend

Alternative investments

Today, the world population grows 1.05% per year – that’s more than 80 million new people! In the near future, most of them are going to live in urban areas. That affects how our economies and businesses work, but also the way we live. We will have to be creative to sustain the increased pressure on cities. 3D mobility – underground transport and parking and high-rise building – will be increasingly important.

Urbanization is one of the most dominating megatrends in the world today. Half of the world population already lives in urban areas and in 2050 the percentage is expected to be 75%. We see this trend develop everywhere but mostly in Asia, Africa and Latin America. This change towards urban population will change the way we live in many ways. We already see it in the way we build (high-rise buildings) and the usage of technology in smart cities to connect and optimize infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

Alternative investments

Artificial Intelligence is one of the 9 megatrends we have decided to focus on in MEGATREND INVEST. It will no doubt change the future of business and it already has a remarkable impact on our daily lives. This picture is just an example of 6 important facts in this increasingly important area. Technology is getting more and more advanced and artificial intelligence enables us to carry out many tasks today without human interference. We communicate with chatbots and autonomous vehicles are not far away. Even complex problems and maybe even empathy is no longer preventing the use of technology as a replacement for human beings.

Water scarcity

Water Scarcity

We may take access to clean water for granted in our part of the world, but water scarcity is a huge
issue in the global community today. Half of the global population is experiencing severe water
scarcity at least one month a year and the problem isn’t getting smaller. Every 2 minutes a child dies
from a water related disease. In MEGATREND INVEST, health is one of our selected megatrends and
health and clean water goes hand in hand. This is the reason why we invested in SolarSack and their
innovative solution to help getting safe drinking water at an affordable price for everyone.