SolarSack Nominated for Danish Design Award 2020

SolarSack is nominated for a Danish Design Award 2020 in the category Save Resources. We are incredibly proud of SolarSack and do understand why the Danish Design Award finds the solution elegant and excellent.

Here is what the jury said about SolarSack:

The Jury says:
The solution addresses a critical issue, and solves both health and resource problems. 2.2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water. About 1 billion of them rely on wood or charcoal to boil their water, resulting in a CO2 emission of 600 kg per person per year. SolarSack purifies water naturally by using the UV properties of sunlight. Furthermore, the team has created a very good business model for the distribution and use of this product which can inspire other impact entrepreneurs. A brilliantly simple design that is easy to understand and fits very well into its context of use.

Danish Design Award