Biotechnology and medicine.

Investing in a sustainable future

In the future, we may consider the body as building block enabling us to rebuild and to an even higher extent being able to exchange single parts on demand. At present, the hottest trends are: Bioengineering transfer methods from engineering and IT to organic material. An example is the possibility to use DNA as a digital data-carriers, just like 3D printing methods are being used to produce entirely new organs. Nature, on the other hand, is also used to develop new bionic products and technologies for digital data. The opportunities for genetic modification are a topic of interest with the new CRISPR method, but it also raises many etic questions. We want to weigh and measure everything. Wearable technologies have therefore become mainstream in a very short time. This includes clothes, shoes and other equipment with a microchip used for digital measurements. It can be bracelets with a computer chip, shoes with advanced sensors measuring our performance. Integrated computer chips are getting smaller and smaller and are often connected to smartphones.