Investing in a sustainable future

Sustainability and ethics are getting more and more important. It impacts the economy, energy, production, farming and the whole delivery chain. To care about resources and reduce the emission of CO2 has high priority. Some of the key areas are cleantech and green energy through use of wind, water and solar panels as an alternative to fossil fuel. Another one is sustainable building where the largest environmental savings can be achieved. Climate changes impact our farming and with an increased urbanization, there is a good reason also to look at vertical farming.

Millions of tons of waste are produced every day and it is expected to be twice as much within few years. The circular economy is based on inspiration from nature`s recycling and is now practiced with the aim of reusing and recycling as much as possible and produce less waste. This benefits not only the environment but also saves money on purchase of new material. On a day-to-day basis there is an increasing awareness about waste of food which is solved by offering purchase of waste food from restaurants and for consumers a more selective choice of food and a higher utilization rate.